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Our catalogue includes:

  • Complete networking solutions pre-configured for hassle-free installation.
  • Ready-to-use utility controllers built for your application.
  • Sensors and actuators bundled to your needs.

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Personalised Habitat Automation

We develop habitat automation solutions built on Jeedom, a multi-award winning open-source software platform.
Our products offer confined security and do not require access to external servers to function.
Every installation is managed locally giving the end-user full control of access to the services and ensure complete confidentiality.
We offer a broad range of IoT and home communication protocols:

  • Bluetooth/BLE, Enocean, LoRa, RFXCom, RTS Somfy, Sigfox, WiFi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, xPL, etc.

We develop applications to control, monitor and interface:

  • Electronic devices, utilities (energy, water, gas), access, movement, internet, multimedia, comfort, health, etc.

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Generic Network Architecture

To optimise the communication between devices while preserving security and privacy, we have developed a Generic Network Architecture (GNA).
It encapsulates all communication between devices inside a collection of local private networks to minimise exposure to external threats.
The GNA can be tuned for gaming, HD multimedia streaming, low latency network storage, etc.
Connect securely to your broadband or NBN connection and enjoy lighting fast internal data transfers between all your connected devices.
All you have to do is BYOD and connect seamlessly to an efficient and private network.

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Technical advice and support

We provide B2C and B2B technical advice and support.

Whether you're a builder looking to offer innovative solutions that provide value-for-money, or you're thinking of renovating and want to future-proof your home, we have the solution for you!

Give us a call for a free information session.

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